Coming soon page

A HTML/CSS template free to download

If you need a coming soon page, don’t waste your time on developing it because you are going to use it for a short period.
This coming soon page has a minimal design and it’s made with PHP, HTML and Javascript; it does not need a database. It has a contact form and all information you need in a coming soon page. You can install and personalize it in less than 3 minutes!

Installation and settings

1. Personalize the home page
index.php place here your main content and contact details: on top of the file there are the variables $website_name, $email_address and $skype_contact, change their content with your details.

2. Change email settings
In the file email.php you can set the email address where the messages have to be sent: just edit the variables $send_to_email and $website_name.
In the same file, you can edit the notifications text that will appear after sending a message (eg: your mail has been sent!) or if an error occurred (eg: The email address is not correct): just edit the array $messages.

3. Upload the file to your server

For technical details you can check the comments I placed in the code _

NOTE: to avoid receiving spam, you can replace your email address using the email obfuscator:

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